Alberton Day Music Festival Stall Bookings

The booking costs apply for the entire duration of the event, spanning three days. The event setup will take place on Thursday, starting at 10:00 and concluding at 21:00. We have on-site security available throughout the event. 

The show gates will open on Friday at 10:00 and close on Sunday at 18:00. Please note that stalls will not be permitted to leave before Sunday at 18:00. 

We kindly request you to carefully review all the Terms and Conditions provided. 

The layout of the event has been carefully planned to ensure that all stalls receive customer traffic, regardless of their position. It is designed in the shape of a wagon wheel, with food stalls positioned at the rear and the play area located behind the food stalls. The intention is to guide customers through the exhibition and flea stalls before reaching the food stalls, and then onwards past the food stalls to reach the play areas.