Full Team – crew, staff, sponsors and vendors meeting at stage08:0008:30
Health & Safety Sign Off09:00 
Hekke Open10:00 
DJ Sound Check10:0010:05
MC Sound Check10:0510:10
Elizma Theron Sound Check10:1010:30
Fatman Sound Check10:3010:50
Lianie May Sound Check10:5011:10
Appel Sound Check11:1011:30
Refentse Sound Check11:3012:00
Elandré Sound Check12:3012:50
Spoegwolf Sound Check12:5013:10
Bok van Blerk Sound Check13:1013:30
AV Set Up – Herlaai video and Sponsors13:3013:50
Background Music till Concert Starts13:5014:55
Herlaai Video14:5514:56
MC – Concert Starts14:5615:00
Elizma Theron15:0016:00
MC Link16:0016:02
MC Link and Concert Video Still 217:0017:02
Lianie May17:0018:00
MC Link and Herlaai Video and Beer Fest Video18:0018:15
MC Link and Virseker and Concert Video Still 319:0019:15
Herlaai Countdown Video19:1419:15
Appel  19:1520:00
MC Link and MitMak, Beeld and Concert Video Still 420:0020:15
Elandré  20:1521:00
MC Link and Pretoria FM, Olof Berg and Beer Fest Video21:0021:15
MC Link and Lift and Vinette Wine22:0022:15
Bok van Blerk  22:1523:00
MC link – AV – Sien jou in 2023 – Sien julle volgende jaar. Geniet die after party23:0023:05
After Party met DJ23:0500:00
Events Ends and Gates Close00:00