Stall Terms & Conditions

The events takes place on the dates as advertised on the main website page.

It will be the stall owner’s responsibility to make sure that the stalls will fit in the space allocated and not overlap into your neighbour space / stall. No additional space will be made available on the day as the layout will be finalized. So we urge stall owners to book the correct size. When the event is officially opened it will be the stall owners your responsibility to ensure that the stall is sufficiently stocked, in and out access with vehicles during the event is not possible. You will have to enter and exit via the main gates if you wish to leave the premises while the event is in progress. Electrical Power points are available in dedicated areas only. The power is available at an additional charge and the stalls are clearly marked where the power is available. We also made provision for stall owners you to book covered space inside a marquee tent. This covered space is also charged additionally. The stall owners are required to purchase entrance tickets for themselves and for their workers. NO FREE entrance tickets will be issued. Secure Parking can be made available at an additional cost.

Due to the size of the venue and the number of patrons, we do allow multiple stalls with similar or identical products; this includes all food, soft drinks including SLUSH and flea market products, and no refunds will be made due to strong competition. Before you pay and finalize your booking please check the stall list on the website and familiarise yourself what stalls have booked and what products they sell. All stall owners are required to provide their own equipment and infrastructure including but not limited to the following: gazebo’s, structures, tables, racks, shelving, seating etc. Any stock and merchandise belonging to a stall remains the sole responsibility of that stall owners and staff. Neither the venue, nor its security will be held liable or responsible for any loss, damages or theft incurred. We do provide 24 hour security for the benefit and safety of all, but it remains your responsibility to ensure that all merchandise is properly secured and that no theft occurs from your stall. No claims will be entertained for merchandise that is confiscated due to safety/acceptability concerns. Stall owners may be permitted to sleep over on the event premises subject to special and prior arrangements having been made and the extra Fee for Sleepover is paid. Such arrangements must be made with Stefan Fourie in advance by email

The following products are not permitted to be sold : Glass bottles, Soft drinks that are not sold in a 330ml can, Alcohol, Alcohol mixed into any other beverage (including slush), Energy drinks (including but not limited to: Red Bull , Monster, Play, Energise etc), Bottled Water. Weapons of any sort (including but not
limited to: knives, knuckle dusters, guns, tazers, pepper spray, etc.) Smoking devices (including but not limited to: hubbly bubbly’s or hookah pipes, or other electronic cigarettes, etc, this restricted no tobacco and tobacco related products), Any unsafe or dangerous products, FIREWORKS. Any illegal products.
The following products may be sold but with restrictions , Soft drinks: May only be sold at a FIXED price as determined by the event owners.

All stall owners must attend a pre-site visit on the Thursday 6 October prior to the event. During this visit your stall stand number and pass will be handed to you. Stall fitting and setup must be done on the Friday from 10h00 until 20h00. The stall owners must fit and stock the stalls prior to the event gate opening
times the gates open everyday at 10h00. All stall activities such as stock and fitting out must be completed at 09h00 after this time security will start a lockdown procedure where all stall owners must exit the venue and enter via the ticket gates at opening time. Stall fitting and daily stock times is as follows : Fri: 06h00– 09h00 Sat: 06h00–09h00 Sun: 06h00 – 09h00. Stalls must be set-up on the Thursday prior to the event and needs to be fully stocked by 09:00 on Friday to trade before our gates open at 10h00 to the public.



The event will be cashless meaning that customers will be loading cash on a wristband or a card at the Ticket Pro top up station.   Each vendor will receive a payment terminal provided by ticket pro.   The vendor will enter the amount on the terminal and the customer will just tap end the money will be deducted from the wristband or card and be loaded onto your device.   Ticket Pro will settle the device total  into your bank account after the event minus the ticket pro fee as explained below.   If you do not want to use the cashless option you are welcome to charge the customers cash.  

Stall Fees are not refundable if the stall owner can not attend the event days.. It is not the event organizers responsibility if you can not attend. If you wish to cancel prior to the event we require that notice be given in writing 2 weeks before the event date. The payment will be effected 7 days after written notice has been received. The Event will be using a Cashless tag for payment option for  for all vendors selling food and drinks.  The stall fee is R3000 per stall payable up front.   If you make use of the Ticket Pro cashless system 5% of turnover will be levied and deducted from the Ticket Pro payout to you. All moneys will be paid by Ticket Pro no later than Thursday 13 October.

The venue’s electricity supply is stable but the event owners will not be responsible for any damages caused to any appliances due to power surges / failures or any other electrical failures. It is the stall owner’s responsibility to have its own insurance for stock loss claims and appliance failure.

Parking area E will be the designated parking Area for Stall owners who booked secured parking. Stall owners will receive a parking disk for your vehicle to enter this area. Only the driver of the vehicle will be able to park the vehicle in this area. Al workers will have to enter via the main entrance gates. Once your
stall has been setup your vehicle must be removed from the premises and parked in the parking areas. Having the vehicles on the event premises during the event is a safety risk.

Electricity is not provided to all the stalls Electricity is only provided at dedicated areas as marked on the layout drawing. Should power be required, a single 15Amp Electrical power supply to the stalls can be provided by the venue at an additional charge, alternatively, SILENT/NOISE-LESS generators are allowed.
Stall owners will need to provide their own 30m extension lead to make a connection to a central distribution point. Stadium lighting will be available for the entire venue for the duration of the event. The Weekend’s Electricity will be charged at R1500.00 for a single 15Amp power supply or a 3phase power
limited to 10A is available at a cost of R2500 for the weekend. A circuit breaker will be provided for each stall. The circuit breakers are limited to 15 A and 10A. If you stall exceeds this capacity the circuit breaker will trip and we will not be responsible

All stall owners will be allocated with a stand. These stands will be allocated strategically to ensure that everyone has fair and equal opportunity to maximize their sales. Allocated stand numbers are final and can not be changed.

Stall trading hours:Sat: 10h00 – 22h00. All stalls must be manned for the entire duration of these trading hours. Stall owners may not close their stalls during these times. No stalls may be removed from the venue After the Event doors has closed on Saturday after 1:00 AM or on Sunday from 8:00 Security will be on
Site until Monday

Food Stalls must have a COC (Certificate of Compliance), If you do not have a Certificate we can assist you to obtain a certificate.

Stefan Fourie
Event Owner 083 238 3711

We hope and believe that all stalls will be very successful and wish you a present festival1